Time passes

Days pass and plans are put into motion
The cycle of life changes
The measure of needs change
Today the goal is arriving at tomorrow

The eyes see the tasks between now and then
For life today is a journey
Preparation and travel is key
Life is about an unknown deadline

The eyes see the world changing
New debates enter the world
Old debates continue
The mind wonders what is becoming

So many do not see the importance of words
Ignoring the text, trusting another’s wisdom
Feeling but not listening
A warm heart treated as the ultimate truth

The eyes see so many dull minds
Words left as an artifact of the past
Numbers used as proof that principles are obsolete
Yet numbers prove to be elusive

The eyes look forward to tomorrow
Trends cannot continue forever
When things break, change eventually comes
The heart prays for this change

The mind, heart, and body work in concert
Praying and needing to share in the healing change
To be an instrument to touch the world
Pointing to Light and Truth

Today is all about preparing for tomorrow
For today does not have the power to do tomorrow’s work


One comment on “Time passes

  1. Jingle says:

    very talented writing,
    the eyes do lots of wonders…
    enjoyed the vivid images in your words.

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