Counting hours, reprise

Still counting hours,
But counting hours past…
Sometimes plans change
The heart filled with disappointment

A delayed trip causes canceled plans,
Sometimes the reunion does not happen
Sometimes I’m sorry does not erase the pain
Every moment is counted against what should be

Waiting without patience
Every missed moment regretted
So many opportunities missed
Dreams seem crushed though only delayed

Yet the heart feels hope again
The count of hours past is no longer despair
Plans changed, and there is a new count
As the count gets close, anticipation replaces frustration

Life is not always filled with victory
Disappointment does not have to be the end of the world
While counting hours a word of wisdom was spoken:
“Do not worry about what will not matter in one year”

Quote comes from my friend Karla Moran. I was planning a trip to worship with Friends in Barnesville Ohio and attend a conference of Conservative Friends. I was hoping to meet personal Friends, make new Friends, and start a very full week with a period of prayer, fun, and worship.

Unfortunately, my plans were delayed — I was not able to visit Ohio due to a track washout (I’m taking the train.) I am still going to Indiana for professional and academic interviews, and to spend time with friends… I am still excited about my trip — though disappointed that I could not do everything I hoped.


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