Change of plans

It is now time to leave
Awake and waiting for the train
There is no train today
Last moment there was nothing

Detailed plans have been made
Fragile threads depending on knowledge
Plans are imperfect at best
Every choice is a risk

Planning sometimes seems gambling
Spending resources, but not knowing the result
The tighter the resources, the less acceptable change
Resources seem painfully tight

In the end, the worst loss is the feeling of disappointment
All is not lost, hope remains

Amtrak called me to inform me that service was canceled today. Unfortunately they called late enough that finding alternative transportation was impossible, and speaking with the late-night call center employee was unsatisfying… though, I have no complaint with the poor woman who was doing an impossible job. I need to talk with someone with authority to change my ticket (as a destination changes due to change of schedule) — and, due to the inconvenience I suffered, I hope they will not force me to pay for the changes to my ticket.


3 comments on “Change of plans

  1. I will still be able to make the business part of my journey — but I will miss the pleasure portion… [pleasure before business, that way I’m enter interviews with a good attitude]. Amtrak changed the destination, and the date at original charge — meaning no 10% fee for changing the trip [ugh!], and a savings of something like $20 (though, they would have charged me more for traveling last minute)

    • basically — Amtrak was reasonable with me… they did not destroy all of my travel plans by insisting I go to Chicago, when I had no way out of Chicago… instead they provided me a way to my 2nd destination free of charge.

  2. LAR_Northman says:

    I’m unhappy to hear that, I was hoping it would turn out better.

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