James 2:1-10

Sitting in a meeting for worship
Waiting to learn from the divine teacher
Many people waiting on God
Hoping and praying that they meet Jesus

Who will enter the meeting?
Will a rich man, will a poor man?
How do we welcome those who meet?
To whom do we give the seat of honor?

Do we make the poor man stand out of sight?
Do we show him a place upon the floor?
Does the rich man get a seat of honor?
Do we demonstrate the wealthy are greater than the poor?

Can the poor even enter the meetinghouse?
Do we pray behind walls?
What walls does society build?
What people are hidden from view?

Is the world filled with invisible people?
Do we build walls to keep them in outer darkness?
Do we make sure that none cross the walls?
Do we try to hoard all of Gods grace for ourselves?

The eyes search the room
People seated praying to God
The mind filled with questions
Looking for the poor among us


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