Dreaming of new life

Remembering the deep past
Wanting to find life and vocation
The heart excited about possibilities
Old dreams are reborn

A heart is a fragile thing
Failure can become a habit
It is so easy to abandon hope
Can’t becomes its own litany

God can heal the broken heart
Community can give encouragement
Breathing in courage where fear once lived
Dreams, though forgotten can reawaken

The heart does not know whether to cry or dance
Do things indeed happen at the correct time?
Was life wasted, or was it well used?
One could read facts differently

Inward life can be well used
Meditation can be preparation
Books read and books written
Much was learned that could be taught

Much needs done in preparation
Mind body and spirit need renewed
Vocation is indeed calling
Passion does indeed replace hopelessness

The heart wishes to change the world
Inertia means that any change comes slowly
Allies gather to push against the flow
We pray that we are not crushed

Perhaps we will fail in the new life
Yet hope makes everything possible


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