Faith hope and love

We speak so much of love
We remember Paul’s words
We read every wedding
We memorize from our youth

It is not about what you know
It is not about where your gifts lie
God gives us more than the world sees
What is important can be invisible

Faith hope and love
The greatest is love
For love is what binds us together
With love, all are strengthened

Yet love has been the chief meditation
Elaborated while the others are only mentioned
Boiled away faith and hope also remain
A holy Trinity of healthy life

Without faith, there seems to be chaos
Everything seems random
There is no purpose except survival
Living life without direction

Faith sees a higher plan
A simplicity brought about by a larger view
Sailing to a destination
No longer blown the direction of the wind

Without hope life must end
We live in a broken world
We face failure and heartbreak
There is much in life to invite fear

Hope is truly a good force
With hope, we have the strength to try
Hope drives one to try after failing
Faith without hope is paralyzed

Today the heart is full of life
Faith hope and love have come together

I had a wonderful worship experience with Friends in Hutchinson. I spoke with various members, privately, about opportunities and calling in life, and about the busyness of preparation and searching for a place in ministry — Today I am sure of my calling… I did go through a period of doubt. I was also called to break silence, and speak from I Corinthians 13, and focus on the other two remaining things. I do not remember my ministry exactly, other than it was brief, and it was spontaneous — but the above provides significant overlap.

After I spoke, Gary Getting spoke on the questions “Who are the poor?” and “What is the good news for the poor”? He spoke about the year of Jubilee, and about the problem of slavery and poverty in today’s world (where is the modern day abolitionist?) As Gary just returned from a visit to Africa, I am sure that he saw poverty first hand — it is always an eye opening experience to see those who do not have the needs of survival. Gary also spoke about how many of us who are wealthy in things are poor in our spiritual lives. Many of us are slaves to despair and hopelessness, others of us love things, and use people — leaving us poor in relationships. What is the good news for those of us who are wealthy in the world’s eye, yet destitute in the things of eternal importance? Gary’s message was most meaningful, and I will meditate on it for some time.


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