It is called vocation
There is a divine voice
A divine purpose,
Work created in advance to complete

IT is so easy to run from calling
Losing hope and focus
Seeking a path that seems easier
Seeking a path that ends nowhere

The heart does not surrender
Though a man runs, God also runs
God meets me where I am
Though my heart is weak, he is there

Today I seek to answer a call
Filled with encouragement
Exhorted to not give up what I have lost
Though I tried to teach, perhaps it was not enough.

The heart remembers the optimism of youth
The heart also remembers the depression of youth
Everything seemed so possible
Yet any failure seemed eternal

The heart was so very focused on self
Seeing call, asking personal place
Forgetting to wait on God
Seeking to go by human power

Now, the path seems dark and unlighted
Yet the heart sees there is light for the feet
There is peace that God forged the path
Darkness cannot defeat the Light.

Tomorrow is an adventure
Going from survival to vocation


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