Hope waxing

Feelings change from day to day
Strength waxes and wanes like the moon
Today hope is waxing
Everything seems to point to a direction

There is a pruning of life
The possibility of evil seems removed
There seems hope that tomorrow is a better day
God’s pruning leads to the right direction

Hope abandoned lead to a contraction
A desire to move backwards
Seeing death and not life
Not tending the vitality

Part of life is always decay
Part of decay is always rebirth
Vitality is often increased by pruning
It seems that some choices are forced

Looking past the familiar invites danger
If the dangers were known, they could be avoided
In darkness, a person stumbles and falls
There is again territory that needs explored

New journals need written
Books lived by daily work
Without vision the people perish
Can a prophet inspire the people?

Though there is deadwood there is life
The mind sees the vision of nurtured growth


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