Imago Dei

And God said, “let Us make them in Our likeness”
So they were made both male and female
Icons to fill and tend creation
Each a symbol of the Divine

Generations come and generations go
At times we see the painting and forget the reality
Dust settles and paint cracks
We forget that there ever was such an image

Many stand in the place of God
Rationing grace
Judging who is good enough for God’s love
Many cannot see the Divine spark that touches humanity

Walking the street, a man sees how many are cast away
Breathing refuse to be hidden from sight
So many hide from the face of Jesus
So many banish mercy from their hearts and thoughts

How is it that we fail to hear Christ speaking
How are we both proud and heartless?
Is the body not larger than the individual?
Is a cross less a cross because it is ugly and wooden?

Everywhere I look I see God’s Icon
I cry for the carelessness about symbols
My heart breaks day after day
For God’s personal Icon is constantly defaced


2 comments on “Imago Dei

  1. Carolina Maine says:

    This is really good, MDJ! I love the feelings you express here. You are right-we all judge and it does deface the face of Jesus-I never thought of it that way-but now that I think of it as such-judging is less enticing.
    Thanks for writing this and for sharing :)
    I’m starting a new blog. I’ve tried keeping PV going, but I am going to leave it up and post less often. I’m tired of just blogging on poetry.

    • Its not even always about our own judgments. At the conference I attended, a Friend mentioned how she often walked by a place where homeless slept, warmed by heat from underground. On a winter day, she noticed no one slept there — on closer inspection, she learned that the grate was altered so that it would be deeply uncomfortable — she said she placed a cross on the place marked ‘in memory of the homeless who would freeze this winter’. Her words touched my heart.

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