We want to do everything
We were taught to plan to the five minute mark
Every day needing to be filled
What time to we give for rest?

Emergencies are so common
They say you must save yourself first
We cannot help if we cannot last
Our lives must be sustainable

Do we push forward until ill?
Pushing every part of the body
Filling the heart until it bursts
Seeking intensity beyond the breaking point

What is the right way to live?
How do we live at peace with ourselves?
Why is it that life is filled with noise?
Do we fear to hear ourselves think?

Life is filled with friends and family
Do we have friends if we never have time?
What happens when relationships are pushed out?
Do we have anything left when the work is finished?


One comment on “Over-planning

  1. Thecatsman says:

    Very good and thought provoking questions.I at least know that I do not fear to hear myself think.A simple life is how I srtive to live with peace and compassion for my fellows.

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