Any fear has been put aside
There is great hope in the heart
Prejudice is replaced with truth
Faces do much to replace symbols

The mind remembers building anathemas
Statues to remember blunders of the past
Seeing the world in context of the statues
Never having visited the present

The present and the past seem to touch
We and our great grandfathers worship together
There is debate, and there is a sense of God
We stand in the present with the ghost of the past

Can God cut through our prejudgements?
Are we trapped with our misconceptions?
Life is about navigating traps
How do we respect God’s work in others?

It seems the world is filled with those who are wrong
Perhaps it is best to say none have found Truth
Many seek, many are finding
A journey of finding that last beyond a lifetime

Truth is greater than mankind
All Truth being what God has given
A man is but a point upon a speck
Truth is beyond the comprehension of any point

Life is filled with us who pray and learn
We seek to live at peace with one another
The heart asks: “What is respect?”
Each attempts to do the best with what he is given

Each comes before God, in faith
We learn together that God is faithful


2 comments on “Hope

  1. Walk on, walk on
    With hope in your heart
    And you’ll never walk alone,
    You’ll never walk alone

    -Rogers & Hammerstein

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