Empty Room

Sitting in an empty room
Waiting for time to pass
Almost prepared for what is to come
Waiting to see it come

A time of rest is coming
Sleep for the weary
A full stomach and a content heart
A place which is safe

The mind is filled with details
Arguments beyond memory
Mostly forgotten except by those with books
Remembered by those who have a hobby

The mind wonders if anything was forgotten
The choice was to bring self
There was meditation about games and props
Self seemed to be more than enough

It seems that life can become crowded
Shared space can become toxic
A whispered prayer that God can protect from danger
For every venture has its risks

Yet in all the heart feels safe
In a moment, I shall be among Friends


One comment on “Empty Room

  1. Very nice thoughts,MDJ. I hope you are feeling well rested and are among good friends:)

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