money and morality

Is there a morality of money?
Is poverty a greater crime than fraud?
Ill gotten gains more respectable than honest labor
Is it better to be a thief than a pauper?

The world seems built around money
Numbers valued above the goods it represents
A man is respected for his ability to consume
People scoff at those who produce

The heart is sick when considering reality
Can a man survive while calling society sick?
Can a man scream that the world is insane —
If one man yells, would not the one be mad?

The rule of fraud seems difficult to find
Is it possible to gain a license to steal?
An honored businessman, committing legal theft
What is the line between business and fraud?

What is the value of a dollar?
Does it indeed represent anything?
A few rumors and the world appears to change
Wealth and poverty are a matter of perspective

Now waiting and praying
Wishing to become a desired member of society


One comment on “money and morality

  1. I know these feelings well. I went through this in college when I changed from econ to poli sci. I still have a difficult time with this-one million dollar + homes down the street while the rest of us fit into flat boxes lucky to survive.

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