More rain, more gardening

The feet sink in the wet soil
Mud fill the space between the toes
The summer garden sprouting
A pattern appears to form on the earth

There is hunger in anticipation
The eyes see fruit growing upon the trees
The leaves of squash appear on the earth
Earth waiting for new growth

The mind remembers the harvest of compost
Currently working to become new soil
There is more to be harvested
Current work assuring food for next year

The eyes see that nature always works
What appears to be decay is reclamation
Even at rest, there is constant work
Every moment is about recreation

The air is heavy with the smell of life
Dark with the weight of life-giving water
The world nourished by the strength of light
The world balanced to maintain life

The hands continue to work the soil
Every bit of labor making future work easier
Collecting the work of nature to feed itself
Concentrating the work to nourish self

It comes time to clean the body
And there is joy and hope for tomorrow


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