Happy Birthday

The heart goes into the past
Remembering a time of loneliness
Yet at the worst there it was a time of joy
There was too much kindness to be alone

The mind remembers hours walking
Long talks about everything
Seeing the friendly people in the shops
Every moment a new adventure

A time when reading was a great luxury
Libraries seeming impossible to find
Days off were spent reading at a friend’s house
A friend offering a sense of family

So much time has passed since these days
A few years without even words
The heart wonders what has come of this past
So much time has passed

Children grow
People marry
New babies are born
Old structures are replaced with new

The mind remembers a developing world
Developing worlds never stay the same
One day does is not like the day before
Life is about organizing labor

So much labor to organize
To organize takes an army of workers
So many make training a life work
The world organized to the labor of building

Some are richer some poorer
The most difficult of labor unchanged for centuries
Yet it takes old and new ways to continue building
A century compressed into a decade

The heart wishes to know the name of babies
The eyes wish to see the result of building
Remembering structures growing all around
Wanting to see flesh upon the structure

Yet another birthday has come and gone
In years past, there would be a phone call
In the past there would be a card
Yet — neither address nor phone number is remembered

It seems that this past is almost forgotten
Yet the heart is grateful


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