Comparing religions

People compare Muhammad to Jesus because they don’t understand Islam
People compare the Koran to the Bible because they don’t understand Christianity.


2 comments on “Comparing religions

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    So, should we compare Muhammad to the Bible, or compare Jesus to the Koran?
    Or have I missed something obvious.

    • Jesus to the Koran, yes — God’s Word to God’s Word… Ultimate revelation to ultimate revelation.

      Muhammad to the Bible… no… that is comparing prophet to prophecy — or carrier of revelation to prophecy…

      To extend the first comparison — I can compare Muhammad to Mary… or if I want to by mystical I can compare Muhammad to the Church.

      The Bible is a bit more tricky — as it is a lesser revelation to the Incarnation… my best guess is that the closest equivalent Islam has to the Christian Bible is a subset of the Christian Bible (Torah, and the Gospels.) I would guess that Muslims would not touch the epistles.

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