Reuse recycle reduce

Reading the paper
Reuse recycle reduce it says
Seems the city encourages us to live green
There is propaganda, and there is fact

Reuse, even with permission, there is a fee
Reduce by walking, they threaten to take the car
There is no room for a different style of life
Consumption is seen as patriotism

Why are the facts and the presentation so different
They encourage people to change behaviors
Changing behaviors leads to trouble
It seems that there is only hostility

The heart sinks considering lost effort
Not being able to taste the destroyed garden
Taken away after it was offered
Praying that they do not charge even more money

Perhaps Hutchinson needs reduced
Perhaps then the land can be reused
The world is a closed circuit
All shall be recycled


One comment on “Reuse recycle reduce

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    I suspect that property values are more important than ecological values.

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