Fear and laziness

Is it laziness or is it fear?
The body struggles to make a decision
Fearing to cut, there is no building
Fearing to damage, there is no repair

The future seems so very dark
There is so much that needs done
Yet there is the fear of the cost
Everything waits for reassurance

Fear leads to hopelessness
Hopelessness destroys the spirit
There is no attempt to continue
Entropy proves fear is justified

Fear or laziness, does it mater?
Both lead to destruction.

I have several building projects this summer — First, there are my raised beds for a garden… second, my basement needs sealed (some of the walls seep water — not flooding the basement, making the walls damp) — I want to re-route the pipes, so that I can better cool the house with ground-water. Every project involves spending money, and risks unforeseen consequences… part of me wants to wait — part of me knows I have to accomplish something.

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