To my ‘new’ readers

It seems there are many new readers
These few words have been discovered
So many debating about a few lines
Leaving the author wondering what is important

A few thoughts about a single shared point
So many concerned about minutia
An old argument left for historians
Yet a community still filled with passion

Daily there is new life to enjoy
So much that is common to humanity
The mind is filled with all the senses provide
Day to day passions drive the pen

What is more permanent than cycles?
Is the heart not filled with the seasons?
Today the Irises blossomed
Indigo pedals delicate as an easter dress

Meditating on the little bits of life
Daily successes and failures
Facing disappointment
Hoping to find growth

Is today a sonnet?
Is today a Haiku or three?
Is it musing through blank verse
Every thought finds its own form

A few thoughts, read by a few friends
Called deep as a joke

Not long ago, I was surprised to find that I had 200 hits in a single day — that is almost 10 times what I normally see with the exception of Saturday-Sunday when people read my sermons (sorry no new one this week — I’m not scheduled to deliver one).

Scores of people were interested in my thoughts about the Young Adult Friends gathering — though, my thoughts at this point are mostly indirect. I do not have enough experience with Friends to know what to expect. Several were interested in my thoughts on ministry — this was posted mostly because I was reminded that I had these thought, though at the moment things are in the “this would be nice” stage. I have made a couple attempts at selling the idea with little success. I must guess the interest came from someone at QuakerQuaker noticing my thoughts.

I now have a little question for readers: Do you find my little attempts at poetry dull, or should I continue? Would you like to see more of my views on faith — if so, which aspect? Poetry, Essay, or both? Remember — like everyone else I am learning growing and changing. I reserve the right to change my mind. I appreciate that there are people interested in my “Deep Thoughts”. I guess in the end bloggers write for themselves, still today I invite feedback… What topics shall I write upon (when I find time?)


2 comments on “To my ‘new’ readers

  1. I like the complementary juxtaposition of your poetry and columns, and I normally do not read poetry blogs.

    • I kept a paper journal much like this as a teenager. When I discovered blogging, it went on the internet — that’s why there are a few pieces from the 90’s.

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