Those screaming voices
Fighting for argument’s sake
living in the past


3 comments on “Yelling

  1. Carolina says:

    You’re gonna be okay. You could always send a letter to the writer’s publisher or editor highlighting the plagiarism. Then-they would have to take action in some way. Cheer up!

    • Actually this poem was written before I learned of the plagiarism, and was a scheduled post. It is tied to the Young Adult Friend’s gathering… which has not happened yet. I am cautiously optimistic… I am highlighting feelings about it both positive and negative.

      Quakers are a frustrating group sometimes — there is a spark of genius, but that spark is also a challenge. Friends believe that Christ still works in the world, and that God still speaks to people. We are, at their best a community of laypeople helping one another grow in faith… and at our worst either anarchists or tyrants… or in a strange way both at the same time.

      I am looking forward to spending 4 days with fundamentalists, and post-Christian liberals who explore their spirituality… and everything in between. It will be a group that would not talk to one another… otherwise, and worst of all — one sets parents blames the other set’s parents for hijacking their faith.

      I happen to be a non conformist… even among non-conformists, so I am sure I will enjoy myself.

    • By the way — I did send an e-mail, thanks for the suggestion.

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