How is it that we judge?
What rules are we held accountable to?
Are faith and works indeed tied together?
How do we know which works?

There is so much to read
Reading gives so many advices
Many are ignored time and time again
Some is inferred, without being written

Are we responsible to text, or to taboo?
Can we know what is cause and what is effect?
Do we condemn crying against injustice —
Or do we condemn the injustice itself?

Are rules for me, or for my neighbor?
Which ones apply?
Why seek my neighbor’s guilt?
Is not my own bad enough?

Have we not all sinned?
Have I not sinned in thought word and deed?
Have I not done and left things undone?
Have I not failed to love as Christ commanded?

Is my hope any more than that of my neighbor?
For what Righteousness can I have but Christ’s?


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