Bodily needs

The body needs resistance
Work and exercise to keep moving
Without resistance there is decay
We fight, or fall into entropy

The body moves by its own force
Sacrifice of ease and comfort
A world full of machines to make things simple
Inertia comes, decaying body until machines are necessary

One after another the machines fail
The world cannot sustain so many young and frail
The eyes see the price both to body and resources
For the needs of the body, the machines are left idle

I ran my car Saturday and Monday in order to meet appointments outside of the city where I live. I will soon start the car in order to do some chores that require moving equipment. from one place to another… but not today. I am attempting to reduce my driving as significantly as possible… to reduce consumption of REAL wealth, to preserve my own health, and to preserve personal (abstract) wealth. I realized this was necessary when I found my transportation expenses exceeded any reasonable budget.

My current work is freelance — in a few weeks, I will be required to drive for work… looking for something stable, within walking distance of my home… also willing to relocate for something within my field. Unfortunately, due to budget concerns, I can no longer do pulpit supply without mileage compensation. This is painful for me, but a man has to eat.

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6 comments on “Bodily needs

  1. waystationone says:

    this one is rather haunting to me…and thoughts of growing old…

  2. suzicate says:

    That last verse has left me thinking. Deep and moving.

  3. suzicate says:

    I am working on my Thursday Rally post and am passing Jingle’s participant award to you.

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