Sometimes life is more than what can believed
News comes which goes against all reason
Can the whole world have changed?
Shall I believe my eyes or my ears?

One day the news is too bad to be true
One could not imagine the tragedy
The heart sinks and the mind rejects
Though seeing, belief is difficult

So the eyes stare and stare
Belief is difficult even while seeing
Looking for evidence that the eyes are mistaken
Finding none, finally believing

Seeing is believing, or it is said:
After staring, belief comes
Ultimate sorrow, losing all hope
Belief can be devastating

Seeing seems greater than hearing
Rumors do not change what the eyes saw
There is no belief, no matter how widespread the talk
What is already seen seems immutable

Rumors do come
Incredible words, about the impossible
Seeing is truly believing
Hearing only is nonsense

Even the eyes may not be enough
Perhaps hearing and touch are also necessary
Where do we find faith when all hope is lost?
Can we find faith when our faith was proven false?

Yet faith can come again,
With Thomas, we cry: “My Lord and my God”


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