Holy Saturday

First life comes with mourning
The heart is filled with thoughts of loss
We remember the foolishness of men
Seeing the destruction that is in Man’s path

A fool once said that God is dead
Crying out “We killed him!”
Did we not see the death blow ourselves?
Was not the body placed within the tomb?

Is there tears or rejoicing?
Does man mourn the loss of hope?
Does man rejoice that he is now master of his destiny?
Rejoicing that life can be destroyed

Who but God can give life?
Why rejoice at destruction if you cannot create?
If God is dead, do we have hope of survival?
Will not everyone fall as well?

Is anything else certain?
Is there hope if we killed the source of life?
There is nothing to do but wait for tomorrow
But today, hope is dead and buried


2 comments on “Holy Saturday

  1. Nice thoughts here. Were you trying to put yourself mentally back in time? I think you did a good job of illustrating the confusion on our parts.
    I clicked to link back to you-for some reason-you weren’t on my blogroll. Several blogs I once linked to are not on there. I wonder if it has to do with me changing themes so much.
    Nice to be back online!

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