April Fools day

To all a happy new year
The slowly waning moon gives its light
An evening for dancing and singing
For spring is fully here

The first month of the new year is beginning
Sunday will come, and begin a new year for the faithful
Reading and studying according to the cycle
One year ends, another begins

Thespians and singers fill the world
So many stories so many songs!
Passion plays, romances, compositions
Music and dancing fills the world

One hears rumors of Lent
Yet who can fast at a time of feasting?
A new year is coming
Everywhere there is new hope and new life

The ground of the garden has been seeded
And the seeds show life for themselves, and for the gardener

This entry was posted in Poetry.

2 comments on “April Fools day

  1. I’m happy you are getting to garden. You are lucky. Nice thoughts in this poem!

  2. LAR_Northman says:

    New Year? You fool that happed months ago. :P
    Seriously though, nice poem.

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