Learning about Christianity from Islam

What is revelation?
How can there be so much fighting?
Half the world states: “We believe in one God”
Yet these fight with words and weapons

The concept of God is so great
To understand the creator is impossible
The creator must be greater than the universe
So big that the mind cannot begin to conceive

This otherness brings confusion
When man prays, how can God hear?
Why should God care for such a small one?
If God hears my prayers, does he care?

It seems that faith requires revelation
Man is too small to touch God
God must touch man
There is the question of how?

What is the ultimate Word of God?
How does he speak and relate to man?
Half the world states: “We believe in one God”
Yet they fight about how God speaks with man.

We remember that God gave the Torah to Moses
Is this the ultimate word?
Is this law enough?
Was Jesus right when he argued that letter of the law only brings death?

One fifth of the world sees Muhammad and Gabriel on the mountain
Prophetic poetry read for centuries
The ultimate Word of God contained with a book:
The Muslim tells me the: “The Koran is ‘LOGIC’

One third the world reads the Gospel of John
“Ἐν ἀρχῇ ἦν ὁ λόγος‚…”
The mind remembers the Incarnation of Christ as λόγος
Christ both God and divine revelation in Human flesh

The Christian sees revelation in the form of Incarnation
The Muslim in the form of an oracle,
The Jew in the form of Law
Each sees the other as false or incomplete

Reading Sura of Mary, I see that Muhammad rejects Isa
Accepting Him as prophet, but rejecting him as Divine Revelation
The Muslim tells me that Koran is Logic
I realize it is Logos to him as Christ is logos to the Christian

Understanding begins to come to the mind
After learning only comparisons of paper to paper
Scripture to scripture comparisons become rather amusing
Koran is not another scripture — Koran is an alternative Christ

One advantage of spending a little time outside my own hometown is that I have been exposed to many people, many ideas, and several ways of life. Among the people I have met in my travels are followers of Islam.

Muslims and Christians are likely more alike than different… Christians are not infidels, Islam is not a faith of Satan worshipers. In fact, both faiths can agree “We believe in one God”, and, both agree, substantially, about the nature of monotheism. I would go as far to say that friendly relations are possible between Christian and Muslim… but, there is a difference that cannot be reconciled. Attempts to belittle this fact disrespects people of both faiths:

Both faiths realize that humanity cannot approach the greatness, and the otherness of God. For the Christians, God relieved Himself as Jesus… for the Muslim, the divinity of Christ and making it so man can see and touch God is blasphemy. For the Muslim, God showed Himself most fully in a book… paper that can be memorized, debated, and twisted in the minds of men… for the Christian, this is blaspheming God. In all bluntness, for the Muslim, man would reduce God to place God as Jesus to suffer by the hands of men — for Christians, Muslims would make the most reliable Divine revelation to be words that can be pronounced by a man and twisted by human will into an Antichrist. Compromise on this point is impossible — one must choose, Christ or Koran, or neither. Any respectful dialog must recognize this difficulty, or it risks offending both Christian an Muslim by calling both to turn infidel.


5 comments on “Learning about Christianity from Islam

  1. By the way — I do not mean to suggest that peace is impossible, only that this is a real disagreement. For me, the peace I find is the knowledge that the Almighty God does not need me to defend His honor. Us poor humans will not understand the fullness of God, our best perceptions will always be unworthy… and in the end, all of us can only hope that God is indeed all merciful.

  2. I’m surprised you haven’t gotten boat loads of hate mail with the last line. I guess I fall into a Jewish and Christian way of thinking-I guess naturally-I fall into a Jewish mindset regarding law.

  3. LAR_Northman says:

    Interesting. I know you were expecting some. Maybe you have good troll replant. :P

    • The Koran itself is good troll repellent, as it can easily be read to recommend respectful tolerance of Christians and Jews. I did not attack anyone’s faith, I only expressed well known differences, so no troll bait there.

      Of course there are some people who feel they have a special mission to be unspeakably rude. I am, it seems, too obscure to attract their attention.

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