The time has come to uncover the windows
Letting the sun shine through
The coming dawn paints the sky
Orange pokes above the horizon

The air seems cold after the heat of the evening
There is a temptation light the boiler
The cold of the morning brings coolness inside
The body will wait to labor in the comfort of the afternoon

The sun seems to climb rapidly
The light and warmth bathes the land
The light and warmth pours into the windows
Soon the house and the air will grow comfortably warm

Plans continue to move forward
As the sun climbs, and life moves forward
Some plans wait for the right moment
Others are carried out as they can be

The body still feels the work of yesterday
Today’s work should be somewhat lighter
Both days should pay in subsidence
Though, which pays more is difficult to count

The sun rises earlier every day
The sun sets later every evening
Will the body continue to wake before dawn?
Enjoying the ever longer days?

The body seems eager to greet the dawn
Spring has truly come
The depressing darkness has broken
Every day the sun rises higher

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