Spring morning

The body wakes before dawn
Moving and preparing for the day
Meditating for a moment in the twilight
Completing morning tasks while it remains morning

The eyes see that there is hope for anyone
Even self can be reformed
Every day is a new day
Reformation is constant work

Prayers are raised for self and others
Does God have a plan for these moments?
A man feels so small in such a crowd
What difference does my moment make?

Work continues as the sun climbs
The time has come to offer attention to the body
Perhaps a reward for completed tasks,
Perhaps a punishment for long neglect

The mind wonders how so much can be neglected
A quiet frustration stealing away time
Leaving the world in decay
Seeing work completed brings hope

The eyes see work that must wait
The garden is already waiting for seed
Seed waiting for the sun to warm the soil
The body eager to taste the fruit of such labor

One moment will follow another
It seems earlier moments touch the later
Productive moments come one after another
Rest is pleasant when it marks success

The body is now ready for the next task
There is a strange hope that the day will be fully successful

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2 comments on “Spring morning

  1. kevin says:

    Your date is wrong. It’s still only the 27th.

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