Everywhere there seems to be noise
One wonders if it will ever become quiet again
Anger seems to fill every room
Fear is everywhere

How can mere symbols hold so much meaning?
The seem treated with more regard than reality
Could we be so abstract as to forget what can be touched?
Fearing symbols while what they represent remains untouched

People seem to live and die by symbols
Even forgetting that there is a solid reality
It is possible for theory to be abstracted only to paper
Though balanced, theory can lead to nothing

The noise continues
Angry voices, all wondering what is to come
Fear shortly leads to anger
For when one cannot run, he must fight

Perhaps noise continues forever
Fighting because reality comes crashing down
Man is trained to be right
What is proved on paper should match the real world

The eyes see clearly that figures can lie
But, with lying figures, plans seem broken
Paralyzed, unable to move forward
Making the same mistake out of desperation

Yelling as delusions force themselves to disappear
Seeking anyone to blame for the sight of reality


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