Study tires the flesh

The mind and body works to document ideas
Studying the deep past and the recent past
Speculating on the present and the near future
Trying to find any common thread

So much of life is about speculation
No one can read every book
None can see all there is to see
We touch a point, and guess at the whole

Sometimes things are so very easy
Every evidence says the same thing
There is not a great leap
Application is about completing the pattern

Today things are so very difficult
A pattern can be found
Yet, everything was done by guesses
Centuries of pattern dependent upon a guess

What is the other pattern?
Can it be found and followed?
Is the measure success?
If it is success, what are the goals and outcomes?

The eyes seek a way to compose a unified whole
To show a theory that fits as many facts as possible
Determining which facts apply to the theory
Discovering if facts have been ignored

Today facts change according to opinion
So many will rewrite history
So many will misquote studies
Favorable facts are treated as superior to honest facts

We live in a world of ideologues
Truth adjusted to fit bias
Ready to fight and kill to preserve our reality
Will study break such a reality?

The body is weary
Study, writing, and understanding
Digging through the debate
Hoping that the scholars will not be put to death


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