Sonnet on unrequited love

Calling out loudly and amorously
In a world where no one can see or hear
The moon and the stars shining so brightly
I tell the moon of my love without fear
Then I call out to you so silently
Hoping that you heard what I did not say
What I dared whisper only to no one
Knowing you would return my love someday
Calling back to me when you are alone
My heart was eloquent with its romance
Is it possible that you did not know?
When my heart beat, did yours not also dance?
Your unfaithful heart strikes a cruel blow
Your love’s words are not musical to hear
But he spoke words while I was mute with fear


4 comments on “Sonnet on unrequited love

  1. kseverny says:

    a passionate expression.
    cool poem

  2. […] friends wanted to know who “she” was in the traditional unrequited love sonnet. It seems that I managed to succeed when writing this poem — I am greatly flattered, yet I am […]

    • Christin says:

      Really wish this sonnet was published! It’s perfect for my school project! But I can only use published poems

  3. :) Good luck with the school project — and thanks for the complement.

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