Are we thankful?

We thank God for food, but are we thankful?
It seems there is no limit to the wealth of the Earth
We buy food that is never eaten
Perhaps more rots than is consumed

Are we thankful for the common things?
Or when there is enough, do we forget we are blessed
The world has given us a living
Are we thankful that it is enough?

Yet there are good days and bad
There is talk of the ‘less fortunate’
There are some with an empty stomach
Others throw away food they cannot eat

The eyes see towers, filled with the stuff of bread
Fields now green, soon they will be golden
Year after year the cycle continues
Still there is enough

A harsh winter does lead to shortages
Fruit becomes a valued commodity
Vegetables become hard to find
Yet in a few months it all changes

The mind starts to turn to gardening
Learning that the Earth provides a living


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