Free day

It is what some call a free day
Yet, is any day truly free
One day is full as the next
There are twenty four hours to fill

Yesterday those hours were well filled
The body moved from sunrise to exhaustion
Today rest is allowed
Yet so many tasks accumulate

The morning will be filled with chores
Running from one place to another
Breakfast must be bought
For in busyness all food was eaten

Old projects can be restored
The feet can rest
New projects can start
Perhaps vacuuming is in the future

Free days are useless when they are too common
The mind is filled with futility
Without hope, nothing is accomplished
A man needs some reward for his work

Free days after hard work are helpful
A day of rest, a day of chores
Already the day was started by sleeping late
For chores outside the house cannot begin

There is more than enough to fill this day
Tomorrow: Celebrate with friends

I regret that my work contract just ended. I turned in my ID, and all of my supplies, eligible for a new contract when needed… I expect that will be in May. I started my day job hunting, and then will move on to personal chores — as I had to drive about 100 miles a day, all 7 days of the week, and over 8 hours all days but one… (up to 11 hours). Overtime is nice… but it’s also nice to have a day of rest.

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4 comments on “Free day

  1. kevin says:

    Pretty busy, isn’t it, being saddled with a muse like yours? I walk through the streets every day with paragraphs of prose running through my head everytime I turn to look at something. Only a fraction of it ever gets put down, and often not the best.

    • Some days my muse is a schedule. Except for times when I admit something is more important than updating my blog… or decide it is time for a mental vacation, I update daily at midnight GMT — though, even before I had a blog, I found myself scratching lines in my memo pad everytime I was waiting.

  2. LAR_Northman says:

    First line of the second paragraph ‘will filled’ is that ‘well filled’ or ‘were filled’?

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