Preparing for meeting

There is the need for prayer
To read a few words
A moment of silence before silence
To prepare the heart for what is to come

Meeting is a time to meet with God
So we prepare the heart to welcome the divine
Ready to make an hour sacred
Praying that the presence will be in the midst

We seek God, but we bring ourselves
Taking whoever we are to add to the meeting
If we come empty, we have nothing to give
A sacred hour cannot make up for a wholly secular life

Meeting always comes too early
There never seems enough time to prepare
Though a sermon is written out, word for word,
Would such a message interrupt God’s voice?

A room of people praying and listening
Silently submitting to God
Listening for what God might teach him
Whether he speaks in silence, or through another

So as a free moment comes, there is prayer and listening
Preparing to pray and listen,
For only an hour is too short,
Perhaps God may speak through me…

Soon I sit in holy expectation,
I an others share God’s presence

When making my plans for Sunday (I must work), I decided I can most easily attend the traditional service at Northridge Friends Church at 8:15. This is traditional, in the friends sense of the word — an hour of “waiting worship”. While the hour is early, and the drive is long, I can honestly say that this is my favorite worship group. I wish I could attend every Sunday.


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