Is vengeance noble?
Does a man seek honor before life?
Is there a sword above the mantle?
Are dueling pistols waiting for use?

How long does a person spend arguing?
Reweighing priorities
Justifying hatred and vengeance
Preparing the soul to hold the pistol

Nursing anger hoping it will grow into wrath
Making grief into a life purpose
Death itself can become a goal
Life not worth living without seeing death

The hand touches the sword
Reading to bring justice
The crime known in the mind
The punishment planned in detail

Yet what is justice?
Could one blame an innocent man?
Could a failure blame others?
Could one seek revenge for revenge?

Is vengeance noble?
Shall we seek humanity’s death?

I have always loved 19th century “literature” — for me, it is a golden age of fiction… though, I must admit, my reading includes the better of the penny dreadfuls. These stories do have a lot of revenge and vigilante justice — leaving me to wonder if duels were so commonplace as the stories imply — my reading of history suggests that among those who make history had unpleasantly exciting lives, but, I somehow doubt that the common man felt it necessary to make his own justice (or that his justice was better than that of the police-court).


One comment on “Nobility

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    Well, considering that in most places only nobility weir even allowed to carry weapons, I doubt that the low class people had much chance to dual. Possibly why they found it so fascinating.

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