Rehashing thoughts about visiting other churches

A small response to another blogger, with links to some poems he may find interesting.

Recently, Friend’s minister Micah Bales shared a few thoughts he had while visiting an Ash Wednesday service This brought me to remember the times I visited Old-tradition worship services — and some of my responses.

I responded to the Eucharist,
to public confession (Anglican)
to the formal, repetitive prayers.

Like Micah, I have learned much from these experience. I do think that we lose something when we ignore traditions that formed by… being meaningful. Perhaps the meaning was forgotten, perhaps the forms endured when the substance dissolved, but there was a time when these were deeply meaningful — and we can hear the meaning today. It is just as much a mistake to say “God has nothing to say to me through the past” as it is to discount God’s work in the world today. Unfortunately, it is tempting to be too modern and ignore the past, or to live with the bones from the past — long after what left those bones died. We live in a world much greater than the moment we touch, or the space in front of our eyes. Listening to the ministry from the past is no more and no less than realizing that God’s work in this world continues… God is bigger than the moment.


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