The mind seems so very clear
Filled with everything of the day
The eyes seem to be facing forward
Everything seems normal

Then, mistakes happen
How, no one quite understands
It seems that it is impossible to change
Inertia carries everything through to crisis

The mind is awake, filled with fear
Knowing that yesterday cannot be changed
It seems there is a delayed response
Reaction long after action was necessary

So many bad choices
Thoughtless and carefree moments
Can the eyes always be open
Can the future be known?

The body is shutting down from fear
Soon, it will be a new day with new worries
Old and new meeting together
Everything is set in motion — the crisis will come

This entry was posted in Poetry.

One comment on “Carelessness

  1. kseverny says:

    i like the way you ended this poem.
    Really, good job

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