Careless text

Could the whole world be connected?
Can one person touch thousands of others?
A million ideas debated and built upon
Opinions formed void of experience

Experts studying without seeing
Just reading and hearing the debate
Not sure how to establish who is an authority
Knowing that there are authorities somewhere

Debates becoming more and more complex
Ideas about ideas about ideas
So many levels of interpretation
None of which seems to touch reality

A 5000 year old prayer feels fully current
For it is like prayers prayed even today
Yet a sword seems alien to a man of peace,
would a pacifist become an authority on war?

Could an engineer be incompetent with machines
Able to understand paper but not metal?
Could the world be connected without touching?
How do we show sympathy when we never see the tears?

Text seems so incapable of heart
Words are chosen for ideas
What is the idea behind tears?
The feeling must be seen in the dripping eyes

So much is almost touched
So much is seen second hand
Leaving us with senseless knowledge
The mind knows, the heart is untouched

What sympathy is there?
A world of careless text


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