Fly on the wall

Is it possible to be a fly on the wall
To observe everything there is to see
Hearing but not touching
Knowing but being unable to change

It seems that life has become about watching
So many spectators, so few actors
Can one man change something?
If one man can, who is that man?

So many observe
So many share what they see
The world watches and speculates on theories
Deeds fills the mind, whether fiction or news

Time moves forward, yet everything seems current
A grandparent’s childhood seems to have been another world
Yet the ancient world seems familiar
A republican can feel sympathy even for an empire

The laws of statistics predicts tomorrow
One in a million moments happen one moment out of a million
Extra-ordinary men are accounted for
The world moves forward as it moves

Yet, it does not move without an intelligent touch
Permutations do not predict genius
A thousand years, or three hundred it does not matter
Extraordinary genius cannot be predicted

Is there genius in making everything visible?
Or is truth hidden in the plain sight
When we seek for what is hidden, do we miss what we see?
Clear messages drowned out by equally clear messages?

The fly watches and tries to understand the world around him
Reading, watching and listening becomes exhausting
In a lifetime, one can only see a moment’s information
Even the world is too big to see clearly

Perhaps it is possible to be a fly upon the wall
But, is it possible to become a person in the room?


5 comments on “Fly on the wall

  1. Jingle says:

    I would be happy to be a fly on the wall sometimes,
    u know all the secrets but people don’t know or worry about me.

    very bright poem!

  2. LAR_Northman says:

    Third paragragh, last line; “who done” ?

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