I do not believe in peace

I do not believe in peace
Such faith would certainly fail me
Inner peace seems delicate
Outer peace seems unobtainable

Daily I pray that peace will come
That the Prince of Peace will effect change
I pray that God’s light will change the heart of humanity
Change comes so very slowly

Peace cannot be a cause unto itself
It cannot be its own power
It does not conquer, nor does it rule
It must thus be an effect

A moment of peace came
Kind words were shared
The fighting ceased
The mind became clear and cool

The moment was but a moment
In print, on film and in voices peace was broken
Stopping ears and blinding eyes does not bring inner peace
There is no peace while hiding under the bed

Yet I pray
Knowing that I will not see but a glimpse while I breathe
Knowing that the world seems dead set against God’s peace
The angels prayed, and I pray with them

The heart is convinced the prayers will be answered
A world will be built where a man is a peace with his neighbor
For there is faith beyond what the eyes can see
One believes in the source, not the stream miles from it

I do not believe in peace, yet I do not despair
For I believe in the Prince of Peace


One comment on “I do not believe in peace

  1. kseverny says:

    Very interestng thoughts.
    i have similar beliefs

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