Lent Querry

There was so much rioting
People coming to celebrate the coming of lent
What does a riot have to do with fasting?
How does a time of sin promote weeks of piety?

The parade goes on
People do not cease their gluttony
Feeding the senses without moderation
Can there be a Fat Tuesday without an Ash Wednesday?

Forty days to go without something
To remember that God took on flesh
To remember that He lived and died as a man
To participate in His life and holiness

Does everyone who riots fast?
Can one fast without revelry?
What if he calls the whole year holy?
Is Lent less special because of lifelong piety?

What does a person give up for lent?
Something evil or something good?
If evil, should not it remain forever banished?
If good, how does a man know which good?

The truth is, at times good is put aside
For a lesser good must yield to the greatest Good


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