Meditation on faith

What is Truth?
What is right and wrong?
What is Orthodox?
What is Heresy?

Is Orthodoxy and convention related?
Can there be new ideas?
Have everything been frozen?
Do we understand all we ever will?

Is argument allowed?
Is argument required?
Can people even agree on the meaning of the word “literal?”
Does anyone have to be right?

Orthodoxy must in fact be broad
For it is the source of unity,
A few truths we agree on so we can speak intelligently
Where there is debate, orthodoxy is not established

Local convention must only be that
The differences between East and West are points on a map
Little more than sectarian calcification
Perhaps we need one another to recognize Orthodoxy

Truth is bigger than any human mind
We are dust on a speck of dust
Invisible unless it is to One as great as God
Our minds as small as we

Faith is in something greater than ourselves
Too great to be contained within the minds of men
Orthodoxy must not require faith to become a mental exercise
For being cognizant of eternal Truth is impossible

So as we seek to grow, understand, and debate
Iron only sharpens iron that it rubs against
It must be possible to be wrong and yet Orthodox,
For it is impossible to comprehend absolute Truth.

Is faith destroyed by enforcing convention?
Ignoring that Orthodoxy is broader than a single opinion?
Never learning that brothers need not share the same mind?
Replacing the God of the universe with the idea in a man’s mind?

How can man embrace what is beyond understanding,
Except he accept that understanding is not necessary?
How can he accept this unless….
Unless there is someone to debate?

It has been said that the Truth is out there
Truth is everywhere
Too big for a person, or for humanity
To big for a invisible speck on a bit of dust

Yet — the search for Truth continues
Generations continue in faith

I was continuing to think about the history of Church splits — my own church along with others. I joke, and say that it is because we feared we were not being sectarian enough. Unfortunately, this is a fair description of the times in the Western Church. Theology crystalized — debate became anathema. People signed long confessions, and did not discuss the details… as discussion could bring condemnation. When people talked about how people could grow in faith… the church split over an attempt to explain how God worked. It was as if a person had to KNOW the process of sanctification in order to experience it.

The more I push back sectarian bias — the more “open” I learn orthodoxy is. The only thing I can see that is outside orthodoxy is the culture of sectarianism where Christian cursed Christian for a difference in opinion. Orthodoxy would be worshiping together — and debating. The reality was character assassinations, and misrepresentation of opponents. People argued with strawmen and refused to accept the existance of real ideas. Its easy to decide what Scripture plainly says, and never read it… but, such a faith cannot be stable. We need to realize that we believe in God.. and God is bigger than our little minds can understand, otherwise our faith is in ourselves.


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