Valentines day

Could it fall on a colder day?
Still winter, still stormy
The heart does not know why
For it is always cold or stormy

So much talk and planning
Seems there is duty everywhere
Some are left alone in the cold
Only comforted by not needing to make plans

Love and romance seem dead these days
A dance and a game
There seems little hope for happyness
What joy is offered?

Yet another year passes
Yet again, the need to survive the coldest day of the year


2 comments on “Valentines day

  1. Charity says:

    People seem very disillusioned about romance these days. I see true romance in living a life together with my husband. It is not the emotional high promoted by the world, but living and loving daily bearing with each other’s weaknesses (and we definitely both have them) while celebrating the strengths is very romantic to me :)
    I see the true measure of love not as “happiness” but joy that comes with sacrifice.

    • Ah — sanity :). I am not personally experienced enough with romantic love to share much of an opinion — but, I know enough about being human to observe that emotional highs are exhausting, physically… and as they cannot be maintained, they cannot be completely trusted only enjoyed.

      I celebrated Valentines day by taking a nap.

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