Shameless plug for friend

A friend of mine, Traci Hilton, wrote a novel titled Foreclosed for sale at Amazon. While she has been an amateur writer for years, this is her first published novel. Writing samples can be found at her blog.

Congratulations to Traci — wishing her success. (I would review the book — however, at this point I only read a draft-in-progress, and not what is for sale. I am rather biased to like my friend’s work, so a review from a disinterested party would be more meaningful. I find Traci funny, clever, and creative – I find the same traits in her writing as I find in her.)


One comment on “Shameless plug for friend

  1. By the way, Foreclosed is fiction, not financial advice — sort of a light adventure/mystery… with fraud, jewel theft, kidnapping, and self doubt.

    This comment is in answer to a ungrammatical rant in all caps, someone who missed the word “novel”. While the comment was not relevant, it suggests this clarification might be necessary.

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