Human nature

Are we so selfish?
Can we think anything but evil?
Are we demons or angels?
What is the hope of humanity?

There are so many voices
Passions for the betterment of humanity
Competition for the betterment of self
Selfishness and selfless giving

Perhaps Humans are individual
Perhaps humanity is group
Do we exist as persons or as community?
What is our core nature?

Philosophers will continue to argue
Claiming enlightenment while spreading darkness
While faith attempts to discover truth
Seeking revelation from the creator

Could Human nature be the ability to choose between drives?
The free will to be unique?
Or could it be yet something different
Something discoverable

Perhaps Anthropology and Theology are unobtainable
For Theology states man is God’s image
God is utterly inconceivable
Perhaps humanity is the same

Yet this idea gives great hope for humanity
It is written that “God is Love”

Scientist have discovered that people are empathetic (we do feel pain when we observe pain, or even know about it. We want to help). Empathy was not considered in the enlightened Philosophies that considered mankind to be a collection of selfish brutes fighting for everything they could get. We are not simply driven by hunger, greed and lust, we are driven by goodwill for our neighbor. Of course people know this by personal experience, but science is ruled by what can be measured… and philosophy is ruled by what makes sense within a system. Neither accepts common sense… and rejects it if it does not fit the system


One comment on “Human nature

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    This is why people shouldn’t take either to seriously. While they are both powerful tools for getting at the truth, they are not truth in themselves.

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