Snowstorms are lonely
An empty house, a blocked drive
Solitude: God’s gift

I have not been out of my house in 2 days… I live where the roads are never cleared, and had no reason to leave. Instead I read two different novels by Asimov… speculated on sermon ideas, and annoyed people with my phone :). I see more reading in my future… it feels important for some reason. I do not know why, but I spent several years neglecting fiction, yet I often find that a story built around an idea says it more plainly than the naked abstraction. It is possible to know something only in the brain, and have no guess how it applies. We humans are story tellers… and no matter how much I try and be a philosopher, I remain a person who learns first from stories.


2 comments on “Snowstorms

  1. kseverny says:

    there’s a lot of truth in that last line of this post.
    history/folk lore is storytelling

  2. LAR_Northman says:

    This is one of the strengths of science fiction: to take an abstract idea and explain it in a way that you not only know it, but get it as well.

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