Choosing a book

The shelves are so full!
It is difficult to imagine how so many could be written
So few ever bother to hold the pen so long
Yet every year there are hundreds more

Whole buildings house books
The life and ideas of just a few people
The dead still speaking to the living
For a dusty volume still catches a person’s eye

A generation passes, yet the thoughts seem current
One hundred generations pass, and there is still human sympathy
People think the world changes quickly
Yet people change very little except fighting to survive the world around them

Today is a good day for a story
The wind will blow cold outside
The mind is tired, searching to say something clever
Tomorrow I must write, but to write a man must read

Not all reading can be about analysis
Sometimes one needs fun
To get lost in a story
To escape the point of view that surrounds us

Searching the shelves, a book enters the hand
Now to open it and begin to read.


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