Can I sleep now?

The task is somehow finished
The eyes are still open
The body moves so very slowly
Why does sleep come so slowly

The eyes look over the page
They know that the task has been finished
The mind goes on the callendar
The todo list has another item checked off

The mind goes to the duties of tomorrow
The body is tired of meeting duties without profit
Meeting deadlines without hope of pay
Why does a man work for what is not bread?

The heart worries these days
Counting hours and expenses
Disapointment follows disapointmet
Soon it will be rationing and counting pennies

In this world, one man plants, another eats the harvest
Yet while there is life there is hope
Tears begin to stain the face
And the night turns into daylight


One comment on “Can I sleep now?

  1. ionnes says:

    Solid pace throughout. Thanks for the poem.

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