Its not fair

The voice shrieks in the head
There is no answer, for a child is right
A strong concept of fair
Frustration when it is violated

How does a child know the rules of fairness
He may try to cheat the rules for his favor
Yet he knows the naughtiness of cheating
Every little resource is counted

A child’s eyes seem more precise than statistics
Counting and judging each moment
Learning the life lesson that only the artificial is fair
Crying does not change this truth

One question comes to the adult
If nothing is “fair”, why do we insist on fairness?


One comment on “Its not fair

  1. LAR_Northman says:

    I’ve often wondered about this… What is fair? Why children seem to know what it is better then adults. And most importantly why do we disagree on something so obvious.

    It’s enough to drive one mad.

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