Beauty and poetry

Poets are a strange lot
Confused about things the world takes for granted
One says beauty is only skin deep
Another states it cannot be found in a mirror

Is beauty what is on the surface?
Is beauty what is deep within?
Can the classic philosophers define beauty with math?
Or could beauty be in the eyes of the beholder?

Seems perhaps the problem is with the word
For it means so many things to so many people
For one, beauty tickles the eyes
For another beauty brings comfort to the soul

In beauty the cleverly stated idea?
Is it the ideal shape, or the picture of good health?
Can beauty be found through figures?
Can it be refined through statistics?

Is one beholder so much different from another?
What changes perspective?
Can something be lovely to one, and repulsive to another?
Is it possible to see through another’s eyes?

Perhaps beauty is in the mind of the speaker
The lexography changing from mind to mind
Could each man define the word slightly differently?
If so, how do we ever communicate?

Do poets decide what such words mean?
Do philosophers, or lexographers?
Can the meaning be turned into other words?
If so, would it destroy the poetry?

Is beauty truth, is truth beauty?
Could truth be in the eye of the beholder?
Could truth be only skin deep?
Could the poets be wrong?


3 comments on “Beauty and poetry

  1. catgirlslovehaiku says:

    This work is analytical and thought provoking. Have not seen many poems like this. Very refreshing.

  2. […] a response I recently ran across this question: Could each man define beauty slightly differently; And if so, how do we ever […]

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